We are a executive, leadership, and life performance coaching and training company. We work with business managers, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is looking to take on a higher performance level in life.

"Aiki" is taken from the Japanese martial art of Aikido--the way of harmonious spirit/energy. Aikido, also known as "The Art of Peace", was created by Morihei Ueshiba (a.k.a. O'Sensei) to create a world of peace and harmony.

We combine ontological personal growth and development work with Aikido training and development. Our coaching  and training gives you peak performance in your life.

Thanh C. Huynh
Executive, Leadership, and Life Coach

Our Mission

An Abundant Related World, in Peace and Harmony
Mastery, Full Self-Expression, Contribution, and Creativity
A Lasting Difference Made Throughout the Ages!

About Our Services

We coach, train and mentor you in the following areas:

  1. Leadership and team development
  2. The power to be effective in your life
  3. The freedom, ease, and peace of mind in any situation in your life.

We do one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops, speaking engagements and online training.

thanh2About Thanh C. Huynh:

In 1993, Thanh was introduced to an intensive life, leadership, and coaching training and development program that deeply and profoundly transformed his life.  He became a leader, mentor, coach, and participant in this leadership program and other similar programs.  These programs enabled Thanh to make great strides in his personal life, family, and professional career.  Through these experiences and accomplishments, Thanh's passion for coaching was ignited and burns brightly.  He makes a difference in the transformation of people's lives he interacts and coaches, and he is continuously and actively engaged in the transformation of his own life. Thanh has been involved with coaching and mentoring in a professional and personal capacity for more than twenty years.

Thanh has been involved with martial arts from childhood. He loves the physical training, hard work, and discipline of the martial arts. Several years ago, he joined an Aikido dojo and delved head first into it until achieving his black belt in 2015. Aikido is a physical expression of the transformative work he has been deeply involved with over the last two decades. He is passionate about sharing this with others!