Month: February 2017

Aikido Principles to Face Challenges in Life

Life constantly presents us with many challenges. Some challenges in life can be enlivening and exciting and some can be really difficult and dark and some (most) are a bit of both. Some examples of a few life challenges: meeting someone new romantically, breaking up with someone, getting married, getting divorced, getting a new job, […]

Passion: Investing Intense Emotions and Great Effort to Your Life

Today my coach asked me to give input on a question on Facebook. Basically, the question was about passion as it relates to entrepreneurship and business. The person asked this question because a highly successful entrepreneur had said to her that “their business is their business and their passion is their passion… don’t mix up […]

Performance: Taking Actions is the ONLY Way to Produce Results

One of the things I really got clear for myself one day when I was practicing Aikido on the mat is: there is no performance without action–just action and nothing else. Let’s define what I mean by performance. Performance is the accomplishment of a stated goal within the standard of efficiency established beforehand. For example, […]

Being Connected and Related – Aikido Principles to Create Love, Connection and Peace

My daughter says that my blog posts have been too essay-like, too didactic. So, I’m gonna try a different tact in this post–a little more of stream of consciousness writing. Here we go… We as human beings are all connected! It is an illusion that we are separate and disconnected individuals. Even before I ever […]