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How to Be Present, Alive, and Happy Regardless of the Circumstances

Why are there so many unhappy people with millions of dollars in their bank accounts, while others who have very little in theirs are contented in their life? We all know people in our lives who seemingly have everything but are inherently unhappy and dissatisfied with life. We also know others who don’t have much […]

Play Big! Hint: It’s Not About Producing Results

Through Play: Rediscover your “joie de vivre” (exuberance for your life!) Discover your natural enthusiasm and wonderment Create your passion for what you love Produce results in life from your passion and natural expression From a very young age, we are taught to succeed and not to fail–to be a winner and not a loser. […]

Aikido Principles to Face Challenges in Life

Life constantly presents us with many challenges. Some challenges in life can be enlivening and exciting and some can be really difficult and dark and some (most) are a bit of both. Some examples of a few life challenges: meeting someone new romantically, breaking up with someone, getting married, getting divorced, getting a new job, […]