Musings on the Trump Election

Here’s what I posted on Facebook the day after the 2016 Election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

So, here we are the day after the election of Donald Trump! A very disappointing outcome for me and many of my friends and family.

First of all my brothers and sisters, nothing in the REAL world has changed. The world hasn’t ended. The sun rose and the day is passing as it does. There will be a new US government to take place in the near future and there may be new laws and or new directions but none of that has happened yet or may never happen at all! We have a constitution that is the law of the land and we are the ones to hold our government accountable! The government is: of, by, and for the people. So, the people (we, me) must be responsible for it and hold it accountable to all of us and be accountable for our government!

That being said, I am disappointed in the election of Trump! And, I’m also clear that the disappointment all stems from my view! And my view is that we, as a nation, opted to choose a leader that expressed isolation from the world, expressed bigotry and racism, expressed disdained misogyny, and thinks we should bully the rest of the world to our “greatness” and serving our needs above all else. All of this in order to “stick it to the establishment!”

I’m not giving into or settling for my own resignation about how it is nor am I going “fight” against the “injustice” neither! Neither of those make any difference!

I will continue to stand for and take actions in the possibility of altering what it is to be human for human beings and having a world that works for all, for generations to come!!!

The possibility may be for ending hunger in the world, it could be creating an thriving ecosystem and global environment, it could be for having all human beings share in the abundance of the world rather than accumulating all resources for the few or even the “richest” countries! It could be ending all wars!

The possibility could be for peace, love, and harmony for all people no matter your race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. It could be for healthcare for all for a healthy humanity. It could be for education for our generations to come.

All of these expressions are much more powerful and important to the US and the world.

I am you, you are me! I am the world and the world is me! If my attention is on little “me”, then all I have is my petty personal survival concerns. But I am the world and I/we can create a world that works for all of us and full of any possibility! Therefore, I am accountable to you as you are accountable to me, not in blaming or credit, but in holding us to our word about how the world will work and what’s possible in being human!

I send all my love and wish you peace and joy!

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